Tanimbar Teak Bath Tub

Unrivaled Detail

A Bath Tub like no other that is truly fit for a king or queen, constructed from the highest quality teak in the world with a process that took months to build just a single Tub all by hand and all by expert woodworkers. The Tub itself features an intercut design showcasing the various colors and grains in the teak highlighting the Tubs absolute stand alone beauty. The Angles in the Tub were designed to be perfect to provide for ultimate relaxation when sitting in the Tub combine with 4 comfortable armrests. If superior ergonomics were not enough the Tub features 8 Jets for a next level relaxation experience. And built for 2 and 24 inches deep.

MSRP: $25,000 $15,000

Last 1 Left on the Planet!


  1. 72inches Long / 42inches Wide / 24inches in Depth

    Pedestal Style Bath Tub